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Useful Links for DBA

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  1. Shahid,

    i regulary visit your site.Thanks a lot for your effort.But i don't see any topic in RAC? Please keep posting.


  2. Shahid,

    sorry i mean to say in 11G R2 RAC .


    1. Dear,

      Mostly I am dealing Oracle 9i/10g and you know almost every topics of this blog is compatible with same version. It is very difficult to write with different version.
      Hope you can understand.
      Shahid Ahmed

  3. Hi shahid,
    I want to download oracle 11gr2 software on my ubuntu 13.04 version Operating system in my desktop can u send me the step by step process how to download .......

  4. please suggest any trainer oracledba in hyderabad

  5. Hi Shahid,
    I regulary visit your site, Thanks a lot for your work, is very useful for me,

  6. Indeed Nice blog...

  7. shahid,

    is it possible to create a test oracle database environment on Linux server/oracle-xe (stand-alone pc) from cold-backup datafiles (.dbf),control files (.ctl) from solaris-8-sparc/oracle-8i (ver 8.1.6) ? .. for purely testing cold backups.
    (Because, hardware failed in old test server of sun-sparc platform and so we need to provide an alternative for testing the sunday-cold-backup-on-tape).
    If not possible, can we build an alternative test environment on X86 platform for testing cold-backups?


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  9. shahid, can i know on how to generate statpack report for oracle 9i . tks

  10. how to join in this blog??

  11. Explain oracle DBA connecting method??

  12. How to manage the recovering catalog??

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