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Sample Resume

Preparing an impressive DBA resume is the very first part of Preparation of your oracle DBA interview. Your job resume is the one that focuses your skills. So it is important to spend a reasonable amount of time for preparing the resume.
Normally as an oracle DBA job candidate, you would be sending your resume to job agents and most of the time job agents are not a specified technical people. Apart from matching the requirements, they don’t know much about the skills you are representing. The question is how are you going to prepare and present your resume in a way that is impressive and adds value to your credibility, before you speak to your job agent? Your resume should create the first impression in terms of credibility and value. Well how do you do that? The important point to remember is how quickly with the minimum number of sentences or paragraphs you can make your job agent and interviewer know about your self and also about your skills. Because a majority of resumes just don't deliver this component and as a result the person who reads the resume loses focus.
When it comes to preparing an oracle DBA resume, I don’t believe there is a hard and fast rule to write in a particular format or style. I believe it is all about simplicity, clarity and readability.
Speaking from my own personal experience, I had my own resume in the simple format and I did not have any difficulty with job agents picking my application as long as my skills matched their requirements. I have also seen many candidates resume as an interviewer. Whenever I had the opportunity to pick the candidates, it has always been the resumes with clarity, readability and simplicity that have been on top of the list.
Sometimes you see a given candidate has all the skills and is quite talented too, but if this is not presented clearly in the resume, how do you expect any job agent or interviewer to pick his or her resume.

The following is a template to prepare a DBA resume. You could add/update the actual content depending on your experience, skills and educational qualification.
Header: This part contains your full name, address, E-mail, Phone number and Post applied for. This part needs to be reflected on top of all the pages of your resume. Print your Full name using bold and big caption.
Objective: This would be on top of the resume which describes a brief job objective.
Education: List of all your qualifications and relevant job training.
Profile: This is your job profile with bullet points which encapsulates your education, experience, skills, expertise etc.
Computer expertise: This section is all about your IT skills as represented in individual categories.
Work Experience: List of your job experience with the number of years worked with each employer, your work environment, job description, and individual responsibilities and projects handled and implemented with each and every employer, which is basically your work history.
Projects Developed: During your past working years, if you have been involved in any major projects, it is worth highlighting with title of the project, duration, your role in the project, project team size and brief description of the scope of the project.
Personal details: Your work related personal details such as visa status to reveal that if you have eligibility to work in that country, address for communication, Phone number, E-mail address for the agent or employer to contact you.
Footer: Just like the header, the footer will reflect in each and every page and it indicates the page number and total number of pages in your resume. It is a good idea to have footer because it ensures that none of your resume pages are misplaced and even if you miss one page, you will know by the footer.
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