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Oracle DBA Guide

Oracle 9i DBA Release 2 (9.2)
Oracle 9i DBA Release 2 (9.2) for Windows
Backup and Recovery Concepts Release 2 (9.2)
Oracle9i Client Installation Guide Release 2 ( for Windows 32 bit
Oracle9i Client Release Notes Release 2 ( for Windows
Oracle9i Data Guard Broker Release 2 (9.2)
Oracle 9i Data Guard Concepts and Administration Release 2 (9.2)
Oracle9i Data Mining Administrator’s Guide Release 2 (9.2)
Oracle9i Database Performance Tuning Guide and Reference Release 2 (9.2)
Oracle 9i Database Tuning with the Oracle Tuning Pack Release 9.0.1
Oracle9i RMAN Quick Reference Release 2 (9.2)
Oracle9i RMAN User’s Guide Release 2 (9.2)
Oracle9i Application Developer’s Guide - Fundamentals Release 2 (9.2)
Introduction to 9i RAC
Oracle 9i RAC Documentation
Oracle 10g RAC On Linux Using NFS
Oracle 10g RAC Quick Installation Guide
Install Oracle 10g RAC by PolyServe
Setup or Configure 9i RAC on Windows
Oracle 10g Release 2 Documentation Library
Oracle 10g Release1 Documentation Library
Oracle 11g Release 1 Documentation Library
Oracle 11g Release 2 Documentation Library
Basic Linux Tutorial
Basic Linux Commands
RMAN in Oracle 10g
Oracle iLearning
Oracle Database Reference Book
1. Expert Oracle Database Architecture 9i and 10g Programming Techniques – By Thomas Kyte (apress publications)
2. Expert Oracle 10g/11g Administration – By Sam R Alapati (Apress Publications)
3. Oracle 9i/10g/11g DBA Handbook – Oracle press (Tata Mcgrahill in India)
4. Oracle Insights – By Thomas Kyte (apress publications)
5. Oracle Tuning – By Donald K Burleson (Rampant books)
6. Oracle Dataguard – By Bipul Kumar (rampant books)
7. Oracle 10g Grid & RAC – By Mike Ault & Madhu Tumma (Rampant books)
8. RMAN Recipes for Oracle database 10g – By Darl Kuhn, Sam R Alapati and Arup Nanda (Apress publications)
9. Linux Recipes for Oracle DBAs – Darl Kuhn, Charles Kim and Bernard Lpouz (Apress publications)
10. Oracle Database 11g, A Beginner’s Guide  – By Ian Abramson, Michael Abbey, Michael J. Corey (Oracle press)
11. Oracle Db 10G RMAN Backup & Recovery – By Matthew Hart and Robert G. Freeman (Oracle press)
12. Pro Oracle database 10g RAC on Linux – By Julian Dyke, Steve Shaw (Apress publications)
13. Oracle 10g RAC: Grid, Services & Clustering – By Murali Vallath (Digital Press)
14. Oracle Database 10g Linux administration By Edward Whalen (Oracle press)

15. Oracle Privacy Security Auditing By Arup Nanda & Donald Burleson (rampant books)


  1. Thanks a lot sir, I am learning oracle DBA and your website is helping me a lot..

    I appreciate your hard work!

    Jazak Allah khair

    1. please follow also this blog .This blog also awesome

  2. Thanks for your appreciation. I really welcome you in my blog. If you have any issue regarding any topics please right to me.

    1. I m learning oracle in windows environment and i know the facts that in real world linux environment is more preferable,
      i just wanted to know the difference in terms of difficulties in both environment.
      one more question!!
      Is it necessary to take oracle training in order to complete OCP cert or is there any alternative for oracle training to complete OCP?


    2. It is not matter in which environment you are learning the database.
      Database skills almost same on each environment but as per market trend
      in Asia specially in India. You can say Linux is most preferable. You
      can fill this gap later after learning perticular Environment.
      As per my kowledge 'Yes', it is essential for OCP to take training
      from any authorized Center.

    3. Thanks a ton for quick reply!!!!

  3. as salam sir.. i want your mail id sir

  4. You can find it on Contact details. Please do not try to chat with you cam mail regarding any issue.

  5. Hello Sir,

    Can u tell me what are the real time tickets that are solved by Rman

  6. hi brother,

    recently i faced interview,these questions i am not answered properly.please provide proper answers.

    1)my db size is 2tb,i will take rman full backup what is my bkp size?
    2)any rman command to estimate the size of db before taking the bkp?
    3)default how many channels in rman?max how many possible to configure?

    1. Dear,

      Generally RMAN full backup (without compression) is the actual size of datafiles. You can query with the DBA segements and find the sum of data block to estimate the actual backup size.
      SQL> select (sum(blocks)*block_size)/1024/1024/1024 from dba_segments;
      As per my knowledge there is no official way to find backup size before taking actual backup.
      But as per the oracle RMAN does not take backup from NEVER USED blocks. So to estimate find the total block size from dba_segements.
      But if you are using any compression technique then the backup estimation also
      depends on the compression technique you are using.
      Related to channel configuration and their operation. Please search and visit my another post
      "How RMAN behave with the allocated channel during backup".
      Hope you will find the solution!

  7. Hi Shahid,

    In a interview, interviewer asked me following questions
    1) Accidentally, 4 million records got deleted and committed. It was noticed after 24 hours. How to recover those deleted records. Conditions : A) No Downtime allowed B) Flashback not configured.

    2) A PLSQL batch has to run exactly on every month 15th either using DBMS_JOB or Scheduler. (Cannot use Interval=> sysdate + 30, since number of days in a month varies)

    1. Hi Shahid,

      Request you to kindly provide your comments on the above questions.


    2. Using logminer utility we can drill the archive log files and get the deleted records.Then using where clause select the required data and spool it.Once spooling is done execute the file where all deleted records will be inserted again from that script.

  8. sir, to take backup of oracle database and then how to restore them

    1. Dear Usman,
      I already uploaded a number of related post. Please use the search option.

  9. Shahid sir

    Currently working as Oracle DBA and your posts are helping me a lot.

    Thanks brother.

    1. Dear,

      For direct reference of any post into your inbox, you can join this blog. To join just open the web link and click on "Join this site" then login with your email id.
      Hope it will help you.
      Wishing you all the best in your career
      Shahid Ahmed

  10. Hi Shahid Ahmed,

    I have completed Introduction to Oracle9i: SQL(1Z0-007), Program with PL/SQL(1Z0-147), Oracle Forms Developer: Build Internet Applications(1Z0-141), Oracle Database 10g: Administration(1Z0-042) I and Oracle Database 10g: Administration II (1Z0-043) exams, I have completed these all exams myself by reading books, and did not attend any institute but they asking instructor name or Oracle university location where i completed those courses when i submit hands-on course, what does it mean will i have to attend any classes in any institute after completing or what shall i write in there? please explain me because i have completed my Masters in computer Science and i could do these certifications my self, which was hard but i managed it luckily...

    1. Dear,

      Now it is recommended OCP exam you have to take training from any oracle authorized ‎training center and must provide the details of training while filling the form because ‎when you take training from that center the oracle will send your starter kit on the behalf ‎of that training center.‎

  11. Ok thanks and what are the ways to take training i'm In UK now and can i take these training online from some where...

  12. Hi Sir,

    Is there any way to increase Home Directory after installation of linux in my VM?

    If there is a solution pls suggest me.

  13. Hello
    i want needed your help

    1. Dear,

      You can write me on my gmail Account on your issues. I will try to answer all.

  14. Thanks for sharing the information

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  21. hi i am also the beginner can u explain me about how to find out the archiving are done

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    Anyone help me how to solve this problem.
    thanks in advanced for ur anwsers

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