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About me

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for visiting my blog and reading about myself. I hope you will find my blog is useful for you and will welcome if you send your valuable comment on visited article.

I am Mohammad Shahid Ahmed s/o Mr. Zahir Ahmed (born at Village - Balasath District - Sitamarhi: Link More About Balasath) Certified Oracle DBA/Developer completed MCA/BCA and Diploma Eng. in Computer science having more than 9 years experience in the field of Oracle database on Linux as well as Windows Environment and more than 3 years experience to build custom application using oracle Pl/SQL, Developer 2000 and Web Applications.

At Present Working in DIMTS (Delhi) on the behalf of NSB BPO (Noida) as a Sr. Database Manager. Previously worked for QL2 Software (India, Gurgaon) as a Sr. Oracle DBA and Al-Sadhan Trading (Riyadh) as Oracle DBA/Programmar. Responsible for Managing entire Backup operation and over all maintenance of Oracle Claude servers.

In the Struggling stage of my career I have done the job in Mayor International and Planman Technologies (New Delhi, India).

I am here as Sr. Database Manager with a minimal knowledge and experience. Daily I try to dig or learn lot of things in related fields.

Higher Education:
MCA/BCA/Diploma Engineering in Computer Science

My Certifications:
Oracle Certified Expert
Oracle Certified Professional
Oracle Certified Associate

Other Training:
Diploma in E-Business Computing From CDAC, New Delhi
Diploma in Hardware & Networking From Community Polytechnic Jamia, New Delhi
Certification in Oracle Developer 2000 from Oratech Software Solution, Gulbarga.

Planning/Creating/Maintaining/Renovating DBServer
Performance Tuning
Backup and Recovery
Disaster Recovery


  1. Nice work for your blog... it will help us a lot who are in the bridge of taking the path as an oracle developer wanna be... :D

  2. Good work indeed!keep updating with new updates and also market this blog via linkedin so that more and more can participate with their suggestions and posts and also can get benefit.

  3. He is one of the most valuable person in my family . He has an extensive wisdom, and his open-minded approach could not be overestimated. no more words for him he always have respected corner in my space. I have the honor and privilege of endorsing as a brilliant and hard working individual.. I wish him best in his career and trust that any professional organization can benefit from his skill .

  4. Nice job and thanks for sharing,

    Next time I'll come in New Dehli, I'll try to meet you, if you accept.
    I was 3 times in India (Dehradun & ND) for Oracle University courses & certifs and I plan to come again.


  5. very nice work for your blog... Insha Allah it will help me a lot ...
    Thank you very much for your hard efforts.. hope you will have great future...

  6. Yours blog is looking good..

    I am Pavan. I have worked as Oracle DBA 1.5 Years. Currently I am looking for a Job.
    It really helpful for me if U suggest something better for my career. Plz let me know any oppurtunities

  7. Hi Shahid,
    I find your blog really helpful. I am not a DBA and don't know much about Oracle. However, I was tasked to do this upgrade task from 9i to 11g.
    I haven't started the process yet but I am trying to learn a bit about the process before I actually do it.
    my question is how do you get the Oracle 9i database into the new system. Do you take a back up dump and then restore in the new system?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Dear,
      Upgration and Migration is not the easy task. It has in fact lot of supporting complexity. As you mentioned before you are not a DBA, I will suggest here either you take help from any expert or try to gather the resource and test it before applying on production system.
      As you mention that you need to upgrade from 9i to 11g. It is better to move from 9i to 10g thenafter from 10g to 11g. Check the database upgration guide for the same.


    2. Dear,

      Sorry to say you that oracle extended of oracle 10g R2 will ends with 31-Jul-2013 so if your current database version is onward then it is better to upgrade directly to the 11g as compare to 10g from oracle 9i.

  8. Dear Sir,

    Both Instance of my oracle 10g RAC in windows 2003 was down. Please help me to up that. It is urgent.

    Dibakar Das

    1. Dear,

      Write me details. I am not getting proper reason from your statement. Why your instances are down
      What error is giving when you try to open it.

  9. hallo sir,

    i m pawan.
    can u tell me how to install oracle grid control in 10g and how to implement data gaurd..............

    1. Dear Pawan,

      I already uploaded many documents regarding datagaurd configuration.
      Please use the search option on the top of the blog.
      Hope you will find the needful article.

      With Best Wishes
      Shahid Ahmed

  10. hey sir,

    thanks for support.i m just entered in IT field. m 2012 passout BE and i do the job as database admin in Idian Telephone ltd mankapur for last 6 months.can u tell me which skills on 10g,
    i'll do most and enhance........tell me atleast 6 to 7 skills.....

    thank u.....
    pawan singh

    1. Dear Pawan,

      You are really lucky that you are getting job just immediately after passing your degree. In fact it is good for a fresher. You just open my blog and search your topics as similar you are searching in Google just on the top of the blog. To increase your strength in this field start your learning from Backup & Recovery (RMAN) thenafter gradually move to Managing Tablespace/Datafiles space, Database Monitoring concept (Daily/Weekly work of a DBA), Health Checking of database then move to some other advance topics like Cloning, Standby concept of database.
      I will suggest please do each and every concept one by one do not merge to each other.
      Hope you can understand what i want to say!

      In the mean if you need any kind of help or document. Please do not hesitate to contact me through the mail even if you need through the skype call you can directly talk to me.

      Shahid Ahmed

  11. dear sir,
    thanks a lot for your considration and giving me such a healthy response . i'll remain touch with you and take advice and support for 10g and my future things. i'll take your mail and 'll mail my problem related 10g.

    thanking you very much.....\
    pawan singh

  12. i have hp prolient 7000
    1.5 gb ram
    500 mhz 3 no's processors
    windows 2000 server

    can i install oracle grid control...???
    i was installing it but some time installation it stuck in oms configuration and give the error oms configuration is failed.check the log.....!!! and it is reccommanded service i can not skip it......give me the solution on my mail grid i can not implement data gaurd......but i have implement it in my company for standby db....
    thanks a lot....

  13. Assalamalakum shahid bhai,
    Myself irfan from hyderabad,india first of all want to congratulate for your hardwork in developing this blog which is very easily understandable.I have recently got job as d2k reports developer,Can u please guide how to make a master detail report.

    Thks in advance.


  14. Assalamoallaikum!
    It feels sorrow that Ur dad is no more. May Allah give him place in Jannah.
    I request to all my brother and sister who are actually visited this blog, pray for HIM to make a place in jannah.
    May Allah give courage to Shahid bhi to stands as guardian of his family

    1. Dear Atif,

      Thanks for your personal word. It really touches my heart.

      Thanks & Best Wishes
      Shahid Ahmed

  15. Sir ..
    I am Tausif Khan from chapra (Bihar)
    your blog definitely doing nice work ..... thanks for this hard work .

  16. Sir,This is AK Mishra working in IBM at Banglore.Your help is very essential.I think if I got your link very before ,I must a good DBA....Thanks SIR

    1. Thanks for your Appreciation...

    2. Assalamualaikum shahid bhai, i have one query about system tablespace? it shows 100% usage? what should i do know? plz help me out??

      Thanks in advance

    3. Dear,

      Try to run the below query and check the details and if you find the
      tablespace needs to increase. Try to increase the tablespace.

      --list Free Tablespace Usages and Free space

      SELECT /* + RULE */ df.tablespace_name "Tablespace",
      df.bytes / (1024 * 1024) "Size (MB)",
      SUM(fs.bytes) / (1024 * 1024) "Free (MB)",
      Nvl(Round(SUM(fs.bytes) * 100 / df.bytes),1) "% Free",
      Round((df.bytes - SUM(fs.bytes)) * 100 / df.bytes) "% Used"
      FROM dba_free_space fs,
      (SELECT tablespace_name,SUM(bytes) bytes
      FROM dba_data_files
      GROUP BY tablespace_name) df
      WHERE fs.tablespace_name (+) = df.tablespace_name
      GROUP BY df.tablespace_name,df.bytes
      SELECT /* + RULE */ df.tablespace_name tspace,
      fs.bytes / (1024 * 1024),
      SUM(df.bytes_free) / (1024 * 1024),
      Nvl(Round((SUM(fs.bytes) - df.bytes_used) * 100 / fs.bytes), 1),
      Round((SUM(fs.bytes) - df.bytes_free) * 100 / fs.bytes)
      FROM dba_temp_files fs,
      (SELECT tablespace_name,bytes_free,bytes_used
      FROM v$temp_space_header
      GROUP BY tablespace_name,bytes_free,bytes_used) df
      WHERE fs.tablespace_name (+) = df.tablespace_name
      GROUP BY df.tablespace_name,fs.bytes,df.bytes_free,df.bytes_used
      ORDER BY 4 DESC;

  17. Excellent blog really done a Great Job by Mr.Shahid

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    Please do check

  19. Dear Shahid
    I had send my family in February 2016 (on emergency), i have taken exit re entry from jawazat since i need long time. so jawazat gave till December 2016.
    my daughter (Age: 6 years) passport is expiring in August 2016, and she got also exit re entry till December 2016

    can i renew my daughter passport in india and bring back her on new passport.
    because on exit re entry visa old passport detail are there. in india

    they will allow her to go.
    i want to bring back them after August 2016

    Thanks & Regards

  20. Hi sir,

    I am vinothkumar and i try to install ASM in oracle 11g on windows home edition 64 bit.But i can't install ASM and i receive a error in shall i rectify it

  21. hi shahid sir
    i am shafeeq .your blog is excellent .i learned lot of topics from your blog really you are my trainer .so please continue to post new things thank you.

  22. Hi Shahid,

    This blog is just awesome bro...we need your help at any time... thanks for sharing your work experience.

  23. thanks Shahid bhai nice blog.

  24. Nice Blog Shahid it helps me a lot!


  25. hello asalaamu alaikum Sir, Shahid Qureshi here, actually i am beginner in Oracle Apps technical EBS can you please help me out how to create a particular table for eg. say EMPLOYEES with 6 columns along with WHO columns,Thanks and Regards, Shukran

  26. very good blogs. Can you give me some time?

  27. Dear Mr. Shahid,

    I found your blog like google of Oracle DBA. Whatever i was thinking you covered all topics systematically. I am so happy today. I will ask all friends to visit your blog and get benefited.

    Thanks a ton.

    Imtiyaz Ahemed

  28. As Salam u Alaikum Shahid Bhai,
    I am Muhammad Ehtisham Qamar.I have Completed my blog is awesome.Personally I want to talk to you. please Give me sometime.

    Thanks & Regards:
    Muhammad Ehtisham Qamar

  29. Thank you very much for your very good work.
    Adil From France