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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Oracle 9i Database Deletion Manually (When required)

Database deletion task is not coming to DBA on regular interval. I was lucky to get few tasks for production database deletion. I have 10 year experience in database and first time, I got the opportunity to delete the production database after migration database on new server and updated from 9i to 11g. Delete the database on windows is easy but deletion of database manually without use of tool is a tricky task. To drop database is 9i is not so easy like 10g and above version, because 9i does not support drop database command. Here I am sharing my experience with DBA who is going to perform such type task in future. This step by step guide will give you how to delete database in UNIX environment where you are not able to use DBCA tools. Make sure before deleting the database unregistered database from catalog if you are using for backup & recover (Unregistered database from catalog).

In fact there is no direct command in oracle 9i to drop the database manually. You can only delete the database whenever required.
Steps to remove Oracle database refrences from Windows Env.:
  1. Ensure you are login with administrator user.
  2. Go to service.msc and stop all oracle related services.
  3. Remove oracle service using oradim utilities. For more about: How to Remove Oracle SID in Windows Env.
  4. Use OUI to uninstall the oracle products.
  5. Go to regedit to remove all oracle keys:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes, remove all keys that begin with Ora or ORCL
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ODBC remove all keys related with the "Oracle ODBC Driver" 
  1. Remove Environment variable and all the path of oracle references:

  1. Delete all related oracle Icons from the drive location.
  2. Remove any Oracle-related *.INI files that may exist in the Windows directory.
    Typical Oracle .INI files include ORADIM73.INI, ORADIM80.INI, ORACLE.INI,ORAODBC.INI 
  3. Finally reboot the system.


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