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Monday, 8 September 2014

How to Add Facebook Like Button to Blogger

Now a day’s facebook is a great way to promote your blog. Facebook ‘Like’ box is a gadget for blogger which connects your facebook fan page to your blog. It will display the number of your fans along with their images and the visitors of blog who can directly like the blog article through the blogger. I already discuss some article how to develop your blog. In this article I will show how to add facebook ‘like box’ in your blog.
Go to the Facebook developer page on facebook and select ‘Like-box’ under the docs/plugins. Link:
Then set the option; especially select whether you want ‘like’ or “Recommended” Button. Then finally click on “Getcode” to generate the code.

Note: You can repeat this process to choice accordingly height and width code which suites your blog.
Now Login with your blogger dashboard and select Layout.
In the Layout select add a Gadget option “HTML/JavaScript” widget.
In the HTML/JavaScript widget paste the generated code in the Content box.
Finally its appear on your blog:


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