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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Database Startup fails with ORA-00444, ORA-07446

One day when I try to start my database my instance fails with following error:
SQL> startup;
ORA-00444: background process "MMAN" failed while starting
ORA-07446: sdnfy: bad value '' for parameter .
Database startup event is logged into alert log file and alert log file is defined by the background_dump_dest parameter inside the initialization parameter. While starting up the instance, if fail to write into the alert log file then instance crushes and fail to startup.
·        There may be different scenario whenever oracle fails to write alert log contents. Suppose the partition reside alert log file is full. In that case delete/move unnecessary file from the alert log partition directory.
·        There may be the case that the directory defined by the background_dump_dest does not exist in the OS. Create the directory that is missing and start the database again.

·        In both case either you can change the background_dump_dest location inside the pfile or modify the background_dump_dest to a valid location where there is a sufficient space.

If your database is started with spfile then first create the pfile from spfile.:
Create pfile='D:\Oracle\pfile.sql' from spfile;
Open this pfile using notepad and modify the background_dump_dest to a valid location and in a patition
where there is sufficient space available.
Startup the database usnig the modified pfile and create spfile from this newly pfile.
Startup pfile= D:\oracle\pfile.sql';
Create spfile from pfile= D:\oracle\pfile.sql';


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