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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Tablespace Management using Toad

You can view all of your tablespace information using toad tablespace screen from Database –> Administer –> Tablespaces
Here each table describes different detailed information across all the tablespaces in database. If you open this screen from the toad DBA module then you are also able to see the “space history” and “IO history” tab along with Files, Free space, object, Fragmentation.
With these tab you are able to able perform space monitoring and planning steps. These tab permits you check graphically space and IO usage over time. Through this way DBA are also able to estimate ‘Object size’ based on this estimation.
From the below “alter tablespace” tab you can
§         Modify the tablespace and datafile size.
§         Add new datafile to the tablespace.
§         Drop the existing tablespace.
§         Change the status of tablespace ‘online’ or ‘Read only’
§         Review schema object extent allocation.
§         Checking tablespace fragmentation.
For Example to edit the datafile click on datafile tab on the above screen


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