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Monday, 17 December 2012

Setting Schema Browser in Toad

Through the use of Toad Schema browser you can not only quickly and easily monitor the complex structure of database also manage and control all those structure.
You can open Schema Browser from the menu Database –> Schema Browser
Toad Tab Style Setting:
Suppose your Toad tabs style setting is horizontally scrollable and if you need to change it multi-line span.
Select schema browser option from the menu View –> Toad Options to change the setting or browser display style.
Then from the option Schema Browser –> Left hand side check the browser style multi-line tabs
Finally the Toad tab style setting looks like as above. In this way you can change different required setting from toad option screen such as:
If you select “only show user that own object” from the toad option screen then you are able to access the only those schema having object in database in your schema browser. Same like above you can check and uncheck the option “only show users that own object excluding synonym” and “only show users that own object excluding synonyms and temporary tables”. Through this way you can change the different setting and style of the schema browser. It is not possible for me to describe all those setting. Here I am trying to explain only the most common and required setting.
Enabling/Disabling Schema Browser Tabs:
Suppose you do not want to developer using DBA related information. You can disable that tab from the toad schema browser. Just Right click on the schema browser Tabs as shown in below figure.
Then click on the Configure and uncheck the tab, you want to disable.
From the above figure you can see that, I already uncheck the Java, DB links, Jobs and Types option for the schema browser tab.
You can see from the above figure the uncheck tab is not available on the schema browser.


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