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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Oracle DBA Certification

The Oracle DBA Certification Program is a professional certification program offered by the Oracle Corporation. When I start my career as an Oracle DBA first thought click in my mind is Oracle DBA Certification. Here I am going to provide some basic Information about certification.
Oracle DBA Certification Program is administered by Oracle Corporation and for an oracle DBA there are three levels of Oracle Certification in several disciplines: They are
§         Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)
§         Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)
§         Oracle Certified Master (OCM)
If you are already a working Oracle professional as an Oracle DBA then your first question to yourself “what is the need of certification or why should go for certification?
If you are certified as a Database Administrator (DBA) you are having solid job growth outlook over the next several years.
If you get certified in one area such as Oracle or SQL Server, you are most unlikely to switch products and also most unlikely to recommend any other database products other than your certification category.
You may find Certification Useful in the below Case:
§         If you are starting a new career as Oracle DBA (Database Administrator)
§         If you lack or have very limited hands-on product experience.
§         If you’re switching from one job function to another certification will ensure you broader career opportunity.
§         Possibly if you are re-entering the workforce after long time.
§         Solid growth opportunity incase of job change.
Unless the market demands it has a “job” requirement, if you are already an experienced DBA and already have good credentials, certification may offer little career benefit.
Another way to assess the certification requirement would be, basically employers need a quick and easy way to decide whether a candidate is worthy of their time. It is a simple yardstick by which they can “qualify” or shortlist their job candidates, but not necessarily finding a suitable match for the Job.
Apart from above reasons, if you are a Senior Oracle DBA you may consider certification useful to Increase you’re earning Potential especially if you want to work as a consultant or an Oracle DBA Contractor.
Where to get Certified?
Oracle Certification Program is administered by Oracle Corporation. Oracle offers various tracks in this certification program including, Database Administration, Application Developer. Apart from Oracle vendor there are quite a number of third party firms offering Oracle certification. One of the advantage of taking up certification with oracle is they have centers all over the world. Because certification has different level‘s (OCA, OCP and OCM) and also specific oracle DBA certification for specific products such as Oracle Real Application Cluster certification , whatever your preference might be make sure you feel comfortable with the direction of the vendors’ product and certification program before committing to it. You can find these paths for Oracle 9i/10g/11g version at: How to Become Oracle Certified
Note: Please do not forget to check current or updated information on oracle site.
Oracle offers verity of certifications but for the beginning of career as an Oracle DBA following are options:
Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)
If you are wondering what’s been covered in OCA certification subject, It covers the knowledge required to install and maintain Oracle Database. As an oracle database Administrator (DBA) you gain a strong foundation and expertise in the industry’s most advanced database management system. You can find complete list of topics covered for this exam: Exam Web page
Depending on the oracle version you could choose different tracks
Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)
This an entry level certificate for a DBA. If you consider taking up this exam, you would be required to be prepared in Oracle database installation, maintenance, Fine-tuning and troubleshooting aspects of oracle databases. Depending on the oracle version you could choose different tracks.
To take up this OCP exam of oracle DBA Certification, You need:
§         Become an Oracle 11g Database Certified Associate.
§         Must complete one of the approved instructor-led online or in-class courses and pass the Oracle Database 11g: Administration II exam
§         Last but not the least you must submit the Hands on Course Requirement Form which would enable you to become an Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Professional
Oracle Certified Master (OCM)
If you are looking for Oracle Certified Master (OCM) certification, it would be the most advanced Certification for an Oracle DBA. This is the highest level Oracle certification for oracle DBA. You can choose between Oracle 10g and 11g database and any latest version. For updated details check the .
It requires at lease 3-4 years of professional enterprise-level oracle experience. The requirement to become an Oracle Certified Master you must OCA/OCP both.
Complete two advanced-level DBA coursework, instructor –led online or in-class courses
Pass an Oracle Certified Master exam.
Finally you are expected to demonstrate your skills through an intensive two-day hands-on practical examination.
The Oracle Database 10g and 11g Oracle certified Master or any latest oracle version (OCM) credential of oracle DBA certification is for the most advanced Oracle database administrator. Once you complete this you are expected to have comprehensive and extensive knowledge on a wide variety of topics including installation, backup and recovery, tuning and troubleshooting.
Upgrade Certification:
Oracle requires that you follow upgrade paths to continue your certification. If you are an OCP DBA in older version you can take single exam to upgrade your certification.
Candidate must wait 14 days before retaking a failed OCA exam. Candidates cannot retake a passed exam or a beta exam at any time.
DBA certification can cost from a few hundred dollars. As an Oracle Professional you must weight the costs and benefits differently to come to this conclusion. Perform your own “cost / benefit” analysis before deciding whether you certify or not.
The exams can be taken at any Oracle Testing Center worldwide. Candidates can find their local testing center by registering through the Oracle website but make sure to check with your local testing center for up-to-date price information. Keep a look out for promotional exam discounts from Oracle or for third-party exam voucher specialists to help you save on the cost of the exam. 


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    Sir, please tell me the roles and responsibility of junior(2 yr exp) DBA in production environment..


    1. ٍسشةث فخ غخع
      Generally, It depends on the company and your department. Come in the early morning before the most users of ‎database is coming and check whether all databases are up and Monitor the alert log file and take actions if any ‎errors found, Check the growth of database, You should aware of Database backup and Recovery concept especially ‎RMAN most of the industry using, In some of the concept verbal explanation is also one of the quality to attend the ‎users, Make the habit of reading oracle forum and DBA book to keep updating your self.‎

    2. hmm.. thanks!!! Sir, could u please tell me the most common type of error found in alert log file and its solution??

    3. All internal Errors: ORA-00600, Block Corruption Errors: ORA-01578 and deadlock errors ORA-00060 that occur recorded in alert Log file.
      Administrative operations, such as CREATE, ALTER, and DROP statements and STARTUP, SHUTDOWN, and ARCHIVELOG statements are recorded in alert Log file.
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