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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Database Health Report using Toad

The Toad DBA track provides database health check report facility for one or more database. You can open this screen from the menu: Database  –> diagnose –> Health Check
It provides list of option or rule in which some of them are already check and other are not. You can simple check if you apply that rule. It offers the facility for the user to customize the value through ‘Adjust’ text next to its check box, which then launches a pop window for customizing the value. After you have selected the database, option or rule and the threshold you can click on the ‘Generate Report icon’ then view the output on the ‘Report Output’ tab. In this way you can incrementally view your progress along the way by making iterative runs and comparing the output with the ‘difference of last run’. There is also one tab ‘schema’ by using it you can perform schema level health check report. It has the different option to select either include all schema, include all schema except SYS and SYSTEM, include only the schema checked below, include all schema except those checked below etc.
You are also able to receive the health check report output by email:
§         Enable email setting from the TOAD option screen (View –> Toad Options)
§         Select the ‘email setting’ tab on database health check screen.
§         Select the format in which message will be sent either ‘HTML’ or ‘TEXT’. It is recommended to set the format HTML because there is some highlight and color code which enables you easy reading the output.
§       Select the condition when to send email such as ‘Only when bad condition exist’


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