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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Comparing Schema Differences using Toad

Some time it is essential for DBA to provide the guarantee that production DB has not change in case of any doubt and also want to know how Test Environment differ from Development and Development differ from Production DB Environment. The toad provides this compare schema report even with complex schema with automated process via windows scheduler along with email notification capabilities.
        Open the Compare schema screen from the menu:  Database –> Compare –> Schemas
        Set the both source and target schema to be compare.
        Then from the ‘option’ tab, select the comparison process options. You can choose or ignore any option. For Example you can ignore storage clause because you already know that Test DB size is different from Prod DB size.
        Same as above from the ‘misc’ option you can choose the pattern ‘%X%’ for only compare object name and stop when differences reaches to 1000.
        Now click on the compare button (mark as blue square box) and wait for the result. You can find the result in the assigned folder.
Note: To receive the comparison result by email you must define email setting from the Toad options and also you can schedule these report with the simple windows task scheduler screen.


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