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Saturday, 10 November 2012

RMAN-04005: error from target database: ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

While trying to invoke RMAN getting the message error “insufficient privileges”. This “insufficient privileges” RMAN error is not a common error because most RMAN user’s ID have the DBA role, which grants all privileges need to execute RMAN.  You should make sure to grant the Oracle ID with the proper privileges:

First, check that your OS user is part of the DBA group (thereby granting SYSDBA privileges).
SQL> Select * from v$pwfile_users;
SQL>Grant DBA to rman;
Cause: There may be a mismatch in the "case" of characters between these items on the host where the auxiliary database resides. Check all those things:
1)  The entry in the listener.ora file for service_name for the auxiliary instance.
2)  The entry for db_name in the init<sid>.ora file for the auxiliary instance.
3)  The naming of the password file.
4)  The $ORACLE_SID for the auxiliary instance.
If all above items have matching case characters, you may find the errors connecting remotely via the password file are resolved.
§         Set the reference to service_name in the listener.ora, db_name in the init<sid>.ora, the password file name itself, and the $ORACLE_SID to all uppercase. I notice that even if the file name has lower case oracle_sid in the ORAPWD file, the database would not pick up the value.
§         Grant the target user sysdba privileges such as: grant sysdba to system;
§         Sometimes the user is in password file and you specify an incorrect password file, you get ora-1031 then the solution is change the password of the user from SQLPLUS using ALTER USER.
§         Finally if no other above solution work then delete the old password file and recreate a new password file using ORAPWD.


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    1. Good Job Boss...I had faced this problem and now solved