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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Edit Data with Editable Query result Using Toad

In the editable result set query statement must return the ROWID to be editable. For that from the Toad editor you can use either of any method:
For Example:
Select * from TEMP_MAINFILE_31082012;
Edit TEMP_MAINFILE_31082012;
Where “TEMP_MAINFILE_31082012 is the table name to be edited or you can directly use the below query for the same.
Select TEMP_MAINFILE_31082012.*, rowid from TEMP_MAINFILE_31082012;
Now you can see below the “edit record” is active with this query. Point the cursor to the record or field to be edited and press on “edit record” button.
Finally press on “post record” or cancel record” button either to confirm or cancel the change.
Here you are also having the button to perform insert (+), delete (–) the record. You can also duplicate the record just right click on the selected row and select “duplicate row”.
View Recently Executed Statement
Toad saves recently executed statements in the History tab of the SQL Recall pane. This list is organized with the most recent SQL at the top by default. You can select a statement from this list and run it, save the statement for easy recall, or remove a statement from this list.
To view previously executed SQL statements Select View | SQL Command Recall | History (F8).
To open SQL Statement directly in the Editor double-clicks or drags the statement from the SQL Recall pane.
The SQL Recall pane also lists your saved SQL statements in the Named and Personal tabs. To save statements in the History tab
1. Select a statement and click in the SQL Recall toolbar.
2. Select Named in the Type field and enter a name for the statement in the Name field.
To edit statements in the SQL Recall pane Select a statement and click in the SQL Recall toolbar.


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