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Sunday, 12 August 2012

To run HRMS and Finance Application in the same Drive Location

We have Oracle financial and Oracle HRMS application implemented in developer 6i and Developer 2000 respectively with the back end oracle 9i. We have predefined registry setup to run these applications. In general HR department employees are working on HRMS software and Finance Department’s are on Oracle Financial but some of the employees of Management department’s need both the application to run from his/her system.
As both the applications are of same software category only the change of version (developer 2000, developer 6i) and we want to run both HRMS and Finance from the same drive location.
        If we apply Finance registry first then after HRMS registry so later (D2k) is lower version will not overwrite completely to the higher version, thus it will manage both the home orawin95 as well as orawin6i. Thus results in Running both the HRMS and Finance Application
        If we apply HRMS registry first then after finance registry as the later is higher version will completely overwrite the lower version registry will only able to manage orawin6i home. Thus results only Running Finance Application but not HRMS
Tested: 1st scenario: Working both the application Finance and HRMS
Copy Orawin6i and orawin95 folder into your C:\ Drive then run REGISTRY FOR ORACLE FINANCIALS.reg and HRMS registry from this location: \\\it\Software Development\ORACLE_SETUP_FOR_FINANCE
Now Copy the Shortcut into the desktop from the above location.
Map the server location from where these applications are available to the users.
Caution: Run the Finance registry first then after the HRMS registry. As an Administrator can run this registry so make sure before running either login with Administrator or having the similar rights.
Backup Oracle Registry
After successful running both the registry please make a backup copy of registry to meet the situation of any untraceable change in registry by the individual user.
Type “regedit” on Run
Then select Export from Registry editor menu and provide the name and location to store the registry backup.

To Import select import from Registry editor menu and select the registry backup file.


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