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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Windows Task Scheduler Issue

If you are trying to schedule your script through windows task and you are facing issue some things like that:

Then follow these steps:
  • Go to windows directory and find the Task folder.
  • Rename this folder with some other name and try to restart the task scheduler service.
  • To find “Task Scheduler” service Go to control panel services or type services.msc on RUN, find the services "Task Scheduler" right click on this try to stop and then again start

  • Now you find task folder in the windows directory
  • Note: When you are restarting the services it will search or find the default task folder as it was not there it will create automatically a folder with the name “Tasks”.
  • Now try to schedule your script with the correct password
Hope It will work file.

How to Schedule Script using Task Scheduler
Open the Task Scheduler Program –> Accessories –> System Tools –> Scheduled Task
Click on “Add Scheduled Task to add the script or Drag and drop the script Scheduled Tasks folder.
Right click and click on the Properties of the Script then set the destination and Schedule date and time of the script

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