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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Scheduling Tasks with the ‘At’ Utility in Windows 2000.

With ‘At’ utility you can schedule tasks anywhere on the network [Local as well as Remote system]. You can use it to schedule scripts or program at specified date and time.
Note: You must need to use Administrator or member of Administrator login account, task scheduler service is running.
I already posted about DBMS_Schedular, Crontab and Windows Task  scheduling examples. Please use the ‘search’[on the Top of the Blog] to find the same.
Display ‘At’ Command Help:
C:\ at ? or C:\ at Help

1.            Prepare backup script and save it as rman_backup.cmd
2.            Prepare a short batch file named with rman_backup.bat with giving the reference of .cmd file and log file path then schedule this .bat file.
For Example:
C:\oracle1\bin\rman target sys/oracle@orcl3 catalog rman/rman@shaan cmdfile=D:\backup\Rman_backup.rcv log=D:\backup\backup.log
  1. C:\net start “task scheduler”
Note: Must start the service. If service is already started it will give you message “The requested service has already been started”.
  1. At \\ 02:30 /every:M,T,W,Th,F rman_backup.cmd
To View Scheduled Task:
To view on local system just type AT and to remote system AT\\
To Cancel Scheduled Task:
At local system: at 3 /delete
At Remote system: at \\ 3 /delete
Note: In the above example ‘3’ is the task id [you can determine at the time of view] if your are not mentioning the task id it will delete all the schedule task.



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