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Monday, 11 June 2012

Important Points to be considered before webcam interview

Recruitment radius of many companies is not just limited to their own city or country. They now search for valuable human resource across the globe. Overseas companies conduct interviews over the telephones, and with the advent of improved technology, are now making more use of the webcams for their interviews. Job seekers, however, should not think that a webcam
interview is just like a webcam chat. There are several important considerations to be made before your webcam interview.

Even though it is very similar to an in-person interview, many people are not comfortable of being in front of the camera. To overcome these fears, you can start by using the webcam to chat with your friends and family.

The webcam that you choose should be of very good quality. Buy the one from a reputed brand and beware of cheap imitations. Also make sure that the specifications of the webcam are supported by your computer. While most webcams come with a built-in mic, it is better to have a solo one as
these have a more focused sound radius.

Positioning yourself before the webcam is also very important. While in a casual webcam chat, you make sure the position of the camera enhances the features of your face, in an interview it is best if you sit straight in front of it, making the interviewer feel you are looking into their eyes.

The background should be clear of anything inappropriate. These might include clothes hanging out of a wardrobe, unwashed dishes on the dining table.  Preferably have your back to a wall, just like you would have in any formal meeting. Similarly, you need to dress up just like you would
for any job interview. Even if you are wearing something casual, make sure it clean and tidy.

Appropriate lighting is vital during a webcam interview. When in front of the camera, pale lights are better than plain white light. You can have a lamp placed close to you but not behind you as that would produce a darker image.

Lastly, keep some of the important things close by, such as your resume, any certificates, bank papers and pen, glass of water and some tissue papers. Preparation for a webcam interview is the same as that of an in-person interview, except that you cannot shake the hand of the interviewer before and after the interview. Do your research of the role and the company before your interview. Once the interview is complete, do thank the interviewer for their time and consideration.


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