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Monday, 4 June 2012

How to take Backup of Blog

Sometimes you need to take the backup of your blog generally Google is protecting your blog but in some of the case you must need to take backup specially when you are doing layout setting (color, font, background). There are 2 types of Blogger backup, your template and your actual content (posts). 
Template Backup
Before you make changes to your layout you should always back up your template first.  Backing up your template does not back up your content.  When you make template changes you are changing the way your blog looks not your posts, it's important if you mess up your code completely you can go back to the way it used to look.
Open your blog and choose 'template', then choose 'backup/restore' illustrated in the below picture (blue round circle)

Now click on the 'Download full template'

Now Save it to some other place with the file name. Note please don't change the .xml part on the end.

Now go to folder location check you have a template backup. It is recommended before going to change template setting you must take backup also keep you gadget/widget code in separate notepad files because it will help you in case of accidental delete of any gadget/widget.
It is relatively easy to apply this backup just choose a file and click on “Upload”.

Content Backup
if you move platforms and want to take content (your posts) with you then you will need to do an 'export'.
Choose 'settings' then, still on the below, 'other'.  Then in the top middle of the page 'export blog'. Click on 'export blog'.

Now click on download blog (blue round circle).

Save it into the folder you have and give it a meaningful name (better to give the today’s date). Please don't change the .xml part on the end

Well you have an export (content backup) now. It will be helpful if you want to change your platform and want to use all of your post.


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