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Thursday, 21 June 2012

How to Create List/Display Item

A list item is an interface object that displays a predefined set of choices, each corresponding to a specific data value. You use the list item at run time to select a single value. List choices or elements are mutually exclusive; one and only one can be selected at a time.
Creating a List Item in the Layout Editor
§    You can also create a list item by using the List Item tool in the Layout Editor.
§    Invoke the Layout Editor.
§    Set the canvas and block to those on which you want the list item to be displayed.
§    Select the List Item tool.
§    Click the canvas in the position where you want the list item to be displayed.
§    Double-click the list item to invoke its Property Palette.
§    Set the properties as required.
Converting an Existing Item into a List Item
You can convert an existing item into a list item by changing its Item Type property to
List Item and setting the relevant properties.
1.      Go to the Property Palette for the item that you want to convert.
2.      Set the Item Type property to List Item.
3.      Select the Elements in List property and Click More.
4.      The List Item Elements dialog box appears. Enter the element that you want to appear in your list item in the List Elements column. For Example department list: [HR, IT, Finance]
5.      Enter the value for the list element in the List Item Value field. Example: [1,2,3]
6.      Create additional list elements and values by repeating steps 4 and 5.
7.      Click OK to accept and close the List Item Elements dialog box.
8.      Set the Other Values property to do one of the following:
      - Reject values other than those predefined as list values
      - Accept and default all other values to one of the predefined list element values
9.      Enter an initial value for the list item. Example: [1 that means HR will display on top]
Creating a Display Item
A display item is similar to a text item, except that it cannot be edited or navigated to at runtime. A display item is a read-only text box whose value must be fetched or assigned programmatically
·          Display additional, no-base table information
·          Display derived data values
·          Conserve memory
Note: Display items require less memory than text items.


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