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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Difference between Manager and Team Leader

A nice point from Sachin about Managers and Team Leaders Relation in an Organization. A manager and a leader are two different kinds of individuals.
ü    Leaders as inspiring visionaries, concerned about substance; while managers are viewed
      as planners who have concerns with process.
ü    Managers administer, leaders innovate.
ü    Managers ask how and when, leaders ask what and why.
ü    Managers focus on systems, leaders focus on people..
ü    Managers do things right, leaders do the right things.
ü    Managers maintain, leaders develop.
ü    Managers rely on control, leaders inspire trust.
ü    Managers have a short-term perspective, leaders have a longer-term perspective.
ü    Managers accept the status-quo; leaders challenge the status-quo.
ü    Managers have an eye on the bottom line, leaders have an eye on the horizon
ü    Managers imitate, leaders originate.
ü    Managers emulate the classic good soldier, leaders are their own person.
ü    Manager's copy, leaders show originality.
ü    Managers take care of the day to day efficiency focused set of activities and bring in the
      operational excellence that helps the organization prepare itself for the leader who then
      builds the long term, strategic and transformational initiatives.

ü  Managers places blame for breakdown Where as Team Leader Fixes the breakdown.
ü  Managers knows how it is done where as Team Leader shows how it is done.
ü  Managers uses people where as  Leader Develop people.
ü  Managers takes Credit where as  Leader Gives Credit.
ü  Managers inspires fears where as  Leader generates enthusiasm.
Infact in an organization we need both types of individuals.


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