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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Oracle Intelligent Agent (OIA)

The Oracle Intelligent Agent is a component of the Oracle9i product set for BS2000/OSD. It runs jobs sent by the Oracle Enterprise Manager (It is also a oracle Propriety Tools for database Maintenance), handles events, can start up and shut down a database. Additionally, it can function regardless of the status of the network connection, and it can run even if the database is down.
The agent's primary function is to monitor an Oracle server or servers. However, an Oracle server is not required to run Oracle Intelligent Agent.

Running the Installation Script

If you want to use Oracle Intelligent Agent for BS2000/OSD the POSIX part of Oracle for BS2000/OSD has to be installed (see Installation link on Linux) and on Windows (see ).

Restrictions of OIA Tools

Oracle Intelligent Agent for BS2000/OSD can monitor only servers that are running Oracle9i Release 2. The collection of data about the host e.g. CPU or disk utilization or events related to them is not supported.
The Oracle Intelligent Agent for BS2000/OSD does not support the SNMP framework. That means, the agent is not integrated within the EMANATE master agent for BS2000/OSD. The agent does not accept any SNMP requests and does not send any SNMP trap. Therefore the Oracle Intelligent Agent for BS2000/OSD is not useable with third party SNMP management systems.


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