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Monday, 29 October 2012

Manually Create AWR Report in Oracle 10g

Step 1 – Create snapshot manually
exec DBMS_WORKLOAD_REPOSITORY.create_snapshot();
Step 2 – Create AWR Report
$cd rdbms
$cd admin
$sqlplus /nolog
Step 3 – Generate AWR Report
SQL>connect / as sysdba
Now select format for the report either ‘HTML’ or ‘TEXT’
Here Select number of days you want to go back or just hit enter for listing all completed snapshots then

Enter value for begin_snap: 240
Enter value for end_snap: 240
Enter value for report_name:awrrpt_1_240_240.html
Here you can specify the name of the report or select the default name assigned.
Step 4 – Check AWR Report
The report gets generated. ‘Exit’ from the SQL*plus Run command ls –ltr to show the new file created under the path: /d01/oratst/orcl3/product/10.2/rdbms/admin