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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Connecting Crystal Reports to Oracle database

For the simplest of reports in an organisation the most likely used is the crystal report. Here i will talk only "how to connect crystal report with the oracle"
create a ODBC driver to the oracle database then open crystal, select a new report, select the same odbc connection that you just create, verify the credentials done.
If you can't create the ODBC connection, there are plenty of resources on the web that will tell you.  I don't use oracle here, but have used it years ago.  How to connect is always the same.
As an alternative, if you are calling CR from an application, have you application gather the information and then push it to CR using the set DataSource.
In Crystal do the following:
1.  Go to the Database menu and select Database Expert.
2.  Click on the '+' next to "Create New Connection".
3.  Wait for the list to come up and scroll down to click on "Oracle Server".
4.  Under "Service" enter the TNSNames alias for your database.
5.  Enter User ID and Password.

1.  If "Oracle Server" is not on your list of possible connections, the driver wasn't installed when Crystal was installed.  You'll need to update your install to include the Oracle driver.
 2.  The Oracle client software MUST be installed on the computer where Crystal is running.  The driver in Crystal is just a connector between Crystal and the Oracle client - it is NOT the Oracle client itself.

Also, the ODBC connection that lock welle mentions is slower than the native Oracle connection and doesn't give you access into Oracle-specific SQL for things like SQL Expressions.


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