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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Batch file for Host IPCONFIG Checking

It is very simple but useful batchfile for checking the Host IP configuration as well as internet connection. Sometimes we feel tired of having to type these command. Hopefully this saves some time in long run. Just Copy the below text and put into notepad file and save this file as a extension of .BAT
set path=c:\WINDOWS\system32;
::CMD will no longer show us what command it’s executing (cleaner)
ECHO As a network admin, I’m getting tired of having to type these commands in! Hopefully, this saves me some time in the long run.
:: Print some text
:: Outputs tons of network information into the command prompt
:: Lets the user read the important network information
:: Ping google to figure out if we’ve got internet!
ECHO All done pinging Google.
::Print some text


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