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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Script: For Capturing system Privileges granted to users and roles.

SELECT NAME dbname  FROM v$database;
         || LOWER (PRIVILEGE)   || ' TO '   || LOWER (grantee)
         || DECODE (admin_option, 'YES', ' WITH ADMIN OPTION;', ';')
    FROM sys.dba_sys_privs
   WHERE grantee NOT IN ('SYS',  'CONNECT',  'RESOURCE',  'DBA',
ORDER BY grantee
This script must be run by a user with DBA role. running this script will create a script of all the grants of roles to users and other roles. Since role grants are not dependent on the schema that issue the grant, this script will not issue the grant of a role by the original grantor. All the grants will be issued by the user specified when running the script. Grants made to 'SYS', 'CONNECT', 'RESOURCE', 'DBA', 'EXP_FULL_DATABASE', 'IMP_FULL_DATABASE' are not captured.


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